KAYLETH new album "2020 Back to Earth" available on 8th May 2020.

After years of travelling through space looking for new worlds, on May 8th Italian stoner rockers Kayleth return to their home planet with the hotly anticipated release of their third full-length album, titled “2020 Back to Earth“, via their mothership Argonauta Records. While each of the band’s records tell a story, this time Kayleth find the earth in a disastrous condition, a planet mutilated by its humans. But Kayleth won’t give up. The wish to understand how life works and express it through music is a springboard to change the world with their sound. And this is a heavy dose of the Doom, Psychedelic and Stoner hailing of the realms of Space Rock. Today, Kayleth have not only shared the details about “2020 Back to Earth” with a cosmic album artwork and tracklist, but also a first single!


“‘Corrupted’ is a complaint song to who holds the power.“ Says the band. “Countries, religions and ideologies fed by corruption have threatened the people by denying them a spiritual evolution. The illusion of our lives is revealed, it is up to us to don’t be slaves of it.“

“2020 Back to Earth” Tracklisting:

01. Corrupted
02. Concrete
03. Lost In The Canyons
04. The Dawn Of Resurrection
05. Delta Pavonis
06. By Your Side
07. Electron
08. The Avalanche
09. Sirens
10. Cosmic Thunder

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